The name's Christa. I'm an artist of all sorts; I'm a musician, a photographer, and I draw as well. This blog is just for my personal photography! Enjoy. ALL photos on this blog are original, unless credited otherwise. Florence & The Machine - Blinding by seamalam


That Colorado sunrise.

"Purity" - taken on a camping trip June 2012
First picture I’ve posted in a while :) I like it!
Anonymous: "Not only do I love your blog ( heh found it ) but I also am secretly infatuated with you. K. here we go I got this idea from a spam msg I received on Facebook lol.. I know you like me but were always way too shy to say so :3 go hit up crushmasher(dõt)com (uhh it wont let me do a regular link) then make an acct there. Search for the profile 'justmeandu33' ( obv me ) I posted body pix.. if u can figure out who I am msg me and we'll kick it. CC required for age but it is free. (annoying i know)"

mmm wow. so flattered. spam’s my favourite.